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Team Scooby Sprinters - They’re off on 29 April! - Will you sponsor them?

Team Scooby Sprinters - They’re off on 29 April! - Will you sponsor them?

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Team Scooby Sprinters - They’re off on 29 April! - Will you sponsor them?

Eva, Špela, Urška & Žiga will run the 10km marathon in Medina del Campo in aid of Protectora y Santuario Scooby on 29 April. We are hoping you will support them and Scooby by sponsoring one or all of the runners per kilometre.

We know how much you love to support the Scooby animals and now, for the first time ever, we have an amazing opportunity for Scooby to have a presence in the Medina del Campo annual marathon. Not only one runner, but 4 which will give the shelter an unprecedented profile on its home ground. The Scooby animals are so lucky to have these runners going to such lengths (lengths of 10km to be precise!).

If you would like to sponsor the runners, please go to the Protectora y Santuario Scooby Facebook page and write your pledge per runner in the comments fields under the announcement about the run.

We will post each runner’s time after the race on 29 April and when you see this alert, please PayPal your pledge to  


Please bear in mind that PayPal deducts a small fee from your pledge. Regardless of how you pay, please mark your donation “runnername&yourname”.

If PayPal is not possible for you, please private message us for an alternative means.

The closing date for payments is Friday 18 May 2018.

Please pledge…. and share…… and keep sharing.

We know Scooby supporters love to hear tales of endeavour and achievement so here are a few details about our very own Team Scooby Sprinters:


Eva is a vet and a dedicated volunteer.
She works mostly with horses and donkeys, but also with dogs and cats.
She has even volunteered at The Rhino Orphanage (shelter for rhinos).

 Špela volunteers with Slovenian Sighthound World and Scooby.
Špela shares her home with a retired greyhound and a galgo
Špela enjoys spending time with her dogs in the countryside and is a keen woodcarver.

Urška is a vet and is a member of Slovenian Sighthound World and SVSP (Slovenian Vets for Stray Pets).
Urška has been volunteering at Scooby at least once a year for the last 6 years.
At home she has her own retired greyhound who would rather recline on the couch than run with her, but he’s with her in spirit.


Žiga is a vet student and a volunteer with SVSP (Slovenian Vets for Stray Pets). He loves to cycle, run and do crazy things. Here’s to more crazy things for Scooby!

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