MASSIVE RESCUE part 3 – Salamanca hoarder

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MASSIVE RESCUE part 3 – Salamanca hoarder



This week we went to the hoarder in Salamanca for the third time; we went to the man who has been collecting stuff and dogs for many years.

When we arrived the police were already there and people helped this poor man to clean up his house and garden. The house was finally empty of garbage and it was clean and warm inside.

Our job was to catch the remaining 14 dogs that we could not catch on the last two visits. Ramon, our veterinarian, prepared the sedations, while Hoover reassured the man that this really was the best for him and for the dogs.

The poor man sat down beside his dog and said goodbye to him one last time. A very sad moment for all.

From a distance Hoover sedated the dogs with tranquilliser darts because he could not get close and Ramon and a volunteer from Holland helped to catch the dogs.

The dogs were heavily sedated but still so nervous and scared that they kept running and running. In some buildings there were piles of dog faeces and in others there were thousands of glass bottles, which made this rescue very difficult and dangerous for all.

Some dogs hid themselves in the most narrow corners of the patio or in partly collapsed side buildings. Three dogs hid underneath the concrete and it took almost an hour to get them out of there.

In the end we were able to rescue the eight dogs that were living on the patio and two dogs that were living in an outside cage. The other four dogs live outside of the house and were hiding in the cornfields all day. With pain in our hearts we had to leave these four sweethearts behind, so we have to go back for them one last time.

The ten rescued dogs are now safe in Scooby and are very skinny and full of parasites, so we have to provide them the much needed veterinarian care. And we give them a lot of time and love before we start looking for homes for them.

In total we have saved 44 dogs from this horrible place now. P

lease consider helping us so that we can do more rescues like this.

Thank you.








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